Day Care

This service is ideal for busy and active dogs and people! We will exercise and socialize your dog with people and other dogs throughout the day. All daycare dogs are  wet/dry towel wiped for any excessive mud before going home.

Exercise Help

Our caring staff at Argos Pet Ranch provides exercise for our guests for a minimum of 4-6 times per day in one of our fully fenced acre fields.

Puppy Supervision

Daycare can be an excellent place for puppies that are too young and curious to be left unsupervised for extended periods of time.

Anxiety Relief

Your dog will never feel alone. We will socialize him or her with people and other dogs throughout the day.

Social Manners

We provide safe, structured social interactions for dogs that need to develop their social skills with other dogs and people.

Please add $5.00/day to any Statutory Holidays





10-Day Package

$280.00 ($28 per day)

20-Day Package

$520.00 ($26 per day)

First Dog regular rates and Second dog  discounted rates as below.  (Must Be Same Household)





10-Day Package


20-Day Package


For third dog (Must be Same Household) Please call.

Half-Day up-to 4 hours

Full-Day up to-6pm



Oral Medication $2.00 (Per Dose)
Eye/Ear Medication $5.00 (Per Dose)
Topical Cream Applications $5.00 (Per Dose)
Injection $3.00 (Per Dose)

Quick Rinse -$5.00

Goody Grab– $5.00

Kong Stuffing -$5.00

Walk & Fun Time 1:1
30 mins -$12.50
45 mins -$18.00
1 hour- $20.00

Ball Throw 1:1 (20mins) $12.50

Basic Obedience Training
30mins -$20.00
1 hour -$40.00

Nail Trim $10.00
Brushing $10.00
Bath (brush/full bath/blow dry) $20.00-$50.00 (depending on size)
Giant Breed price as per consultation

Add-On-GST will apply.

  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All Day care packages are Non-Refundable under any circumstances. Daycare packages cannot be used towards any other services.
  • All boarding/daycare guests must provide proof of vaccinations including Distemper, Parvo, Rabies & Bordetella
  • Please note we may not be able to accommodate tours on your dog’s drop off day so please schedule in advance.

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Argos Pet Ranch offers top-of-the-line dog boarding and daycare services for your furry family members. Whether your dog’s stay with us is overnight or just for the day, you can be sure they are getting first-class treatment and care.