Grooming Services

Dogs big and small, we love them all.  For the best spa experience for your furry loved ones bring them into Argos Pet Salon.  We offer a calm environment with soothing music and constant communication while making your dog look like a celebrity. 

Our grooming services are offered to all our daycare and  boarding clients.  If you are not our daycare/boarding client, you are just as welcomed by our friendly staff to have this service. Let our professional spa team handle the mess and stress of bathing your dogs. At Argos Spa we are focused on catering to the grooming needs of our furry guests while focusing on their comfort and  relaxation.

We know that bath time can bring on anxiety out in our furry clients, so we make sure our team creates an individual spa treatment plan for our guests.

Grooming Services Offered:

Quick Rinse(daycare/boarding dogs)
Bath blow dry and brush out.
Nail Clipping
Ear Cleaning
Therapeutic brushing
Full Grooming Package ( Nails, Ears, Dematting, Bath, Blow dry, Brush, and Trim


Bring out your dogs’ beauty and enhance their wellness.

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Argos Pet Ranch offers top-of-the-line dog boarding and daycare services for your furry family members. Whether your dog’s stay with us is overnight or just for the day, you can be sure they are getting first-class treatment and care.