Team Members

Akashnoor Singh


Akash had his first dog when he was 6 years old, he grew up with his uncle’s albino rottweiler named Heera. From there, his love for dogs started to increase. He has had a vision of creating this one stop facility and operating it with his family to give clients and pets a family environment in country style. Akash is the planner of all our programs, facility. His experience as an IT consultant allows Argos Pet Ranch to enhance the experience for our customers through technology. Akash is also a certified dog trainer.

Kuldip Singh Takhar

Master Trainer

Kuldip has developed dog training programs and is a certified master trainer. He has travelled worldwide assisting in the setting of kennels, training staff to take care of the dogs and training paramilitary/police dogs. He has been a professional trainer for over 25 years. Kuldip has also worked with NGOs in providing preventative care for stray dogs in India. He is also a certified pet groomer.



Has been working with dogs for over 20 years and is your main point of contact at the Ranch. You will find her incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Gina on the other hand loves to work with therapy dogs and volunteers this service for children and seniors. She is also certified in pet psychology, nutrition, and wellness.

Rajan Singh Takhar


Rajan has been around dogs since he was born, with his first dog being a German Shepherd named King. Raj has a love for animals and has kept horses as well. He has plans of becoming a Veterinarian. Raj is very in tune with dogs and has a special connection with every dog he meets. He has been training dogs for as long as he can remember. Raj is certified in basic, advance, protection dog training. His motto is, “Every person should have an animal by their side.”

Mckenna Anderson


McKenna is an extraordinarily strong asset of Argos Pet Ranch. She provides exceptional service with attention to detail when it comes to our guests. McKenna never gets tired being around our furry guests and has a natural way of connecting personally with each dog. She ensures that our facility is safe for your loved ones to stay at. If Mckenna could have it her way, every dog would be in the office or better an office would be made for the dogs. She has been working with dogs and horses for over 10 years and her long-term goal is to one day open her own kennel. She has volunteered at the SPCA at a young age and she has also completed her basic puppy training. She also has experience in basic grooming.



Raj Brar is a certified Trainer (Basic and Advance Training)

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