We have never been separated from our rescued puppy Max, who came from Romania 3 months before Covid started. He was so scared of everything and everyone. Max is a happy member of the family now and since the world has started to open up a bit we are thinking of going away for a week this year, and we can’t leave the dog with someone who’s not a professional in caring for dogs and specially dogs that have anxiety and are very protective of their pack and space. We found Argos Pet Ranch and leaving him for only a day was hard for all of us and for him too, but we had such a good vibe from the moment we met the staff and owners, they have done this for a while, I have had a dog for 1 1/2 year they have done it for 20+ years. Max was such a brave boy and was happy to see us again at the end of the day. We are coming back soon, and we hare glad to have found them. Thank you.