My dog started going to Argos Pet Ranch 2 weeks ago. I highly recommend them! I’m so happy to find Gina and her team!!!! He got expelled from his last daycare because he barked a lot. I was extremely concerned that I would not find another safe and loving daycare for him. I did a surprise drop in visit to see what Argos was all about. Gina spent over an hour showing me Argos Pet Ranch. I explained my dog had a barking issue and she was not concerned at all. She said “don’t worry he will stop barking. We just have to earn his trust”. What really impressed me was Gina being more interested in my dog being slowly introduced to his new pack and to her team so he can build that trust in them. She firmly said to me “let’s start off with 1/2 days until he feels comfortable” when I said I would buy a full day package. It was not about the money. It was more about successfully introducing my dog to Argos and his trusting his new daycare. I’m happy to report that I will be purchasing a 20 full day package as my dog loves going there and comes home tired and happy!! We have found a new loving and safe daycare for him. THANK YOU Gina and the Argos team!!