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At Argos Pet Ranch, we provide playful care and a paw-sitive environment for your furry friends. Our vision is to create a peaceful pet paradise for our loyal companions while offering dog owners with service in Daycare, Boarding, Training and Grooming. We have a team of experienced and dedicated staff equipped to handle all your dog’s needs, providing a low-stress environment and ample social interactions.  The Argos Team prioritizes your dog’s comfort and well-being, offering compassionate and nurturing care at every step of the way.

Our Tail-Wagging Ranch

Experience our expansive 5-acre oasis, boasting secure and luxurious kennels for your cherished pet, enclosures and play areas for the dogs to roam around in. We believe in the motto “Pampered Paws & Peace of Mind”, and it is the collective purpose of the Argos Team to make all breeds, sizes and temperaments feel welcomed!

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Happy Clients

Under New Management and Ownership. Amazing things in the works. I was given a tour of the property by one of the stakeholders, himself a professional trainer and former law enforcement k9 handler. This place is going to be a world-class k9 compound. I would very highly suggest a visit. But leave your impressions and reviews till after you have had a conversation with one of the owners, being an early adopter and first wave customer. It is always a smart move. I promise you take the time to get a tour of what’s to come. Who the owners are and the experience, professionalism. Happy to be a customer and looking forward to all the cool things planned.

Elliott Booth

We have never been separated from our rescued puppy Max, who came from Romania 3 months before Covid started. He was so scared of everything and everyone. Max is a happy member of the family now and since the world has started to open up a bit we are thinking of going away for a week this year, and we can’t leave the dog with someone who’s not a professional in caring for dogs and specially dogs that have anxiety and are very protective of their pack and space. We found Argos Pet Ranch and leaving him for only a day was hard for all of us and for him too, but we had such a good vibe from the moment we met the staff and owners, they have done this for a while, I have had a dog for 1 1/2 year they have done it for 20+ years. Max was such a brave boy and was happy to see us again at the end of the day. We are coming back soon, and we hare glad to have found them. Thank you.

Patty Jacob

My dog started going to Argos Pet Ranch 2 weeks ago. I highly recommend them! I’m so happy to find Gina and her team!!!! He got expelled from his last daycare because he barked a lot. I was extremely concerned that I would not find another safe and loving daycare for him. I did a surprise drop in visit to see what Argos was all about. Gina spent over an hour showing me Argos Pet Ranch. I explained my dog had a barking issue and she was not concerned at all. She said “don’t worry he will stop barking. We just have to earn his trust”. What really impressed me was Gina being more interested in my dog being slowly introduced to his new pack and to her team so he can build that trust in them. She firmly said to me “let’s start off with 1/2 days until he feels comfortable” when I said I would buy a full day package. It was not about the money. It was more about successfully introducing my dog to Argos and his trusting his new daycare. I’m happy to report that I will be purchasing a 20 full day package as my dog loves going there and comes home tired and happy!! We have found a new loving and safe daycare for him. THANK YOU Gina and the Argos team!!

Deirdre Escalante

What a wonderful experience for both my sweet pup and myself. Very courteous and friendly staff. My dog was happy and clean upon pick up!! Overall, a wonderful experience. Argos will be my 1st choice always 💕

Jill Dowse

My Boxer attends daycare here, and he absolutely loves the staff, they are all very friendly, playful and warm towards the animals. I felt very welcome the moment I stepped foot inside Argos, they gladly showed me around the facility (which I went to 3 other daycare, and they didn’t want to disturb the dogs)… The grounds outside are amazing for dogs, and no other daycare has anything like it!

Cheryl lindsey

Highly recommend! They are caring for your dog and make you feel the upmost comfort as soon as you step foot in the door. My puppy never wants to leave and even enjoys spending time with the staff. Great facility, always clean and tidy. Thank you for your services, the best!

Suzan El Hamid

Words can’t describe how amazing this facility is and how great the staff are. A couple of months ago my daughters puppy was hit by a car, before his accident used to go to Argo’s for daycare three times a week. When they noticed he wasn’t coming in any more, they called to check in on him and heard about the accident. They immediately set up a GoFundMe account for his surgeries to help her out. Came up with at least $2,800 in four days, which was more than enough on such short notice! Mind you, they lent out a helping hand because that’s how caring they are for you and your dog. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this place. I will never be able to repay their kindness. Thank you, Gina, Kuldip and staff for all your hard work!

Niazy Elsharkawy