Night Boarding

Dog boarding services are for people who need to leave their dogs overnight or for a few days, as it’s not always possible to travel with your dog, so a boarding service is a good option to have your dog taken care of. If your dog is on medication, the dog care professionals here will ensure they receive their medication properly.

We at Argos offer your pets great, compassionate and nurturing care by providing premium services that are safe and to give our human clients peace of mind.

Adjusted Temperature

We occupy 4,200 sq ft of indoor climate controlled space with HVAC filtration.

Individual Cabin

An individual cabin space with bedding is provided for your pet to relax during daytime and sleep at night.

Play Space

Every cabin is attached with a fenced play area where they can play and stretch their legs during the daytime.

Necessary Breaks

Dogs are taken outside to our fenced yards for multiple potty breaks throughout the day. (Depending on Weather Conditions).


We use only the safest cleaning products formulated specifically for use around animals.

Food Safety

We only use branded kibble (Earth Options) for feeding the dogs. If you choose to use our food for your pet.

Medical Assistance

Our experienced staff can administer medications, including those that need to be injected.

Relaxing Anxiety

We play music that makes your pet calm and anxiety-free.